Electric Vehicle

The Arctic Energy Alliance is currently testing a Chevrolet Volt Electric vehicle.

The Arctic Energy Alliance is currently testing a Chevrolet Volt Electric vehicle (EV). The battery pack is lithium ion with a capacity of 17.1 kWh. The electric motor is 111kW (149 horsepower). The gas generator is a 4 cylinder engine and has a displacement of 1.4L and produces 83 horsepower. To the right, we will post monthly summaries of how our Volt is performing.

The following is an explanation of the terms used in the reports

Distance: This section shows the total distance driven during the month as well as the breakdown of what percentage was driven with electricity and what was driven with gas.

Driving Energy: Is a summary of the total electricity and fuel consumption. The fuel efficiency is shown as equivalent litres per hundred kilometers (L/100kmeq), and is calculated by taking the electrical energy consumed and finding its energy equivalent amount of fuel.

Time: This graph shows the amount of time the vehicle has spent driving, idling, charging and resting.

Charging Energy: The volt can be charged by either plugging into a regular household outlet or with an electric vehicle charging station (a specially designed, 240V outlet). The higher voltage outlet can charge the vehicle in a shorter time. SOC stands for “State of Charge”, the percentages show the average battery levels at the start and end of the day.

GHG Emissions: Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are a combination of the emissions from the tailpipe as well as from the production of the electricity. The GHG from electricity is quite low in a community powered by hydroelectricity. The intensity allows the emissions to be comparable to other cars.

News Stories About the Electric Vehicle

The Volt has arrived in the South Slave

One of Arctic Energy Alliance’s Energy Management Specialists arrived in Hay River this past Friday.

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Electric Car at Trade Show

Arctic Energy Alliance will be taking our electric vehicle to this year’s Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce Tradeshow.

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Electric Vehicle Update March

The Arctic Energy Alliance is currently testing an electric vehicle, a Chevrolet Volt, to see how it performs in our sub-arctic climate.

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